Vancouver is home to a vibrant underground Street Dance subculture and community which began around the 80’s. Since then, the number and diversity of people, dance styles, and global reputation escalated to the level it is today.

The Robson Square ice rink, when melted in the summer, becomes the impromptu hub of the Vancouver street dance community. It was here that the festival’s founders, Jessey Kwong and Boris Khramtsov, were practicing one summer night and had a vision to host a dance battle at Robson Square. Our nonprofit group, Vancouver Street Dance Association, was born and the idea of a dance battle evolved into a large festival.

Since 2012, the Vancouver Street Dance Festival (VSDF) has been an annual event every summer, evolving as our community grows. It is also the largest and most accessible street dance event in Vancouver.

The Vancouver Street Dance Association is dedicated to representing, hosting, and sharing the Vancouver street dance community. We strive to provide opportunities and a voice for performers to engage with the public.